Autumn Winter 2015-16

X3CL JPG.jpg
Silverdressx2CL JPG.jpg
Redcrystaldx2CL JPG.jpg
Naturallight2CL JPG.jpg
Naturallight1CL JPG.jpg
floralgreeenbackx2CL JPG.jpg
Doubleskirtbacksidex2CL JPG.jpg
Blackknitdress+jumpsuitCL JPG.jpg
Reddresslongdressfront2CL JPG.jpg
ReddresslongsideCL JPG.jpg
RedtrousersfrontCL JPG.jpg
A-Linex2CL JPG.jpg
PinkTrouserfrontCL JPG.jpg
Dress3+4CL JPG.jpg
GreenTrouserfrontCL JPG.jpg
Greentrouser2CL JPG.jpg
Whitelacedress+blacklaceskirtCL JPG.jpg
BalckandwhitefrontCL JPG.jpg
Blue+blackdressCL JPG.jpg
A-LineskirtsideCL JPG.jpg

Hello friends!

My name is Sumayah, a 30 something fashion/art lover and mother of two. I throughly enjoy sharing fashion & art knowledge to students at workshops and creating new designs. You can read more about me here.

Thank you for visiting!

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