About Sumayah




Sumayah Deria is a passionate creative designer with simplicity, comfort and elegance at the heart of every piece of clothing. She fell in-love with-all-things fashion and beauty at very early age and she went on to study Fashion Design at Hopwood Hall College and then Textiles at Huddersfield University. Sumayah began her fashion career on the other-side-of-the-table, in the glamorous world of an Airline Attendant. The fabulous life of a Cabin Crew had given her the opportunity to travel to nearly every fashion city in the world to experience style-in-action from the trendy streets of New York to the glitzy glamour of Hong Kong, Milan and London.


The invaluable experience gained from working within the glamour-centric Airline industry and a life altering battle with Cancer in 2013, had inspired Sumayah Deria to fulfill her dream of launching a boutique fashion line for today’s powerful and glamorous woman.


Her focus now has been to provide various people from all walks of life an insight knowledge in fashion & art by provide fun, hands-on workshops from acrylic cell pouring to tote bag sewing workshops.  

Sumayah currently lives in the beautiful city of Doha, Qatar. Happily married with two children.